3 Generations of Family Opticians – Olivos Vision

Optometry has been a way of life for the Olivos family for 3 generations. It’s more than a job for us – it’s a way of life. 2016 was also a big year for us as it marks our 30th year anniversary of our store in Richmond Hill, Queens! This is not by accident!

In the days and times we live in, it’s hard for a mom and pop / family business to compete with major chain stores. Let alone mega stores with the likes of Sears and Walmart. The reason we’ve been able to flourish in Queens is due to our customer service. We genuinely care about our customers. We’re not a run of the mill, get in – get out business.
Be sure to check out our post on the Olivos Vision Center difference.

Be sure to stay tuned as we’re going to be celebrating by offering special promotions all year!

Peru – 1941

Queens – 2016
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